Research project: Ceramics

                                                               We are present in NAVIGATE 2018 Trade Fair 16.-17.5. in Turku.

2016 MicroAtmos won in Tekes Challenge Finland competition's 1st place in own category of utilizing industrial secondary materials. In the second phase 2017 we started a research project Ceramics, which was part of a bigger research consortium organized by VTT.

Goal for our Ceramics project was to ramp up a preproduction laboratory, where we can be developed the manufacturing process steps from raw material into end products. Used raw material is from different industrial side currents. 

Preproduction laboratory in Salo 2017/07

 We have developed each manufacturing process step suitable for our ceramics raw material, that is from industrial side current. 

In the preproduction laboratory we have developed:

  • recipies for ceramic materials
  • process steps for slip casting ceramics
  • process steps for ceramics injection moulding
  • dyeing ceramic material
  • glazing

To scale up the production we have evaluated a subcontractor network of Finnish companies.

Sustainable development is part of our business idea. Ceramics end products are pure Finnish rock material, ROHS and REACH approved. Raw material is from industrial side current. Manufacturing process steps are mature and low energetic compared to traditional ceramics.


Products: We are launching product piloting during summer 2018.

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