LED light

The LED light has two functions: illumination and being the light source for optical spectroscopy. The color of LED depends of system under study. Wavelengths of LED lights can be chosen from UV to IR area. The light can be pulsed or it works on continuous manner.

Optical signal

The fiber optic spectrometer or photodetector will detect the illumination inside the chamber. It can be used to measure light absorption of sample or light emission of sample itself under study (luminescence).

Gas inlet /outlet

There are a gas mixer and pressure control units which adjust automatically needed gas and pressure conditions. The gas mixture inside chamber can be closed or it can freely flow and that way flush the environment constantly. The pressure inside chamber is adjusted by gas controller.

The gas outlet can be connected for instance mass spectrometer to take real time sampling from environment and sample under study.


There are two microphones which detect the small pressure changes inside (sample microphone) and outside (reference microphone) chamber. There is also possibility to create “changing” pressure conditions by applying sound by speaker.

Sound and thermal insulators

These materials are needed for guarantee the optimal thermal and acoustical properties of chamber.

Petri dish

The Petri dish is used for sample substrate.


The chamber is made of material of good heat conduction properties. The shape of chamber is designed for good acoustical and thermal properties.

Peltier element

There are automatic temperature control unit which control the Peltier element. The needed thermal parameters will be created by Peltier element. Depending of chamber construction (mostly size) the lowest possible temperature is some degrees below zero and the highest possible temperatures are around 50 degree.

Heat sink and fan

These are needed for thermal management.


The thermocouple collects the temperature data.

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